Paris is Always (John’s) Good Idea


Photo Credit: Gloria Villa

So, this post is a long time coming and it’s going to be kind of long so bear with me. I’ve probably been asked 750 times about my engagement, but I could tell this story a million times and I look forward to sharing it for the rest of my life. If you don’t have time to read, check out John’s video here.

It all started for me on a Wednesday in April, I came home from work to find John (my now fiance) sitting in my room. As I put my stuff down, he asked “how much do you trust me?” Immediately I was on high alert, my eyes got super slanty, and I was just like “what?”A little background on John- he’s ridiculous, and I never know what to expect with him. He’s always sending me these crazy flights he finds or asking me to go skydiving, bungee jumping, etc. So he asks this and I’m concerned. He then proceeds to tell me he booked us a trip (I let out a huge sigh of relief when I knew it wasn’t sky diving). He hands me a packing list that even has the weather for where we are going. He tells me we’re driving (lie #1) and that he contacted my boss to ask for me to have a half day on Friday and full day off on Monday. He leaves me in my room to get to packing and I am pretty speechless. At this point, no, I didn’t think that this trip was for a proposal.

So a day and a half of anticipation passes, every place in the area has passed through my head, and I land on the idea that we are going to Boston. It’s the most logical vacation spot in driving distance right? Except John isn’t logical.

We get started on our drive and I can’t tell you how crazy it was driving me not knowing where we were going. As we’re driving, I notice John is in the exit only lane for the Philadelphia Airport and he’s not getting out of it. So I say “uh, you need to get over” and he puts his blinker on (more lies!) but doesn’t change lanes. When he starts laughing and takes the exit, I start freaking out, all of my options I thought were possible all of a sudden double! Chicago? Seattle? Nashville? We’ve discussed so many places we wanted to go. As we park, he pulls out my Passport (shocking!) and then a boarding pass to Paris (WTF?! So shocking)! This is the point where I was like, okay, he’s probably gonna propose.

We fly there overnight and we land in Paris early the next morning. Our hotel is AWESOME, if you’re going to Paris, check it out here! I will do another post with specifics about what we did in our 48 hours- The Louvre, Jardin du Luxembourg, and obviously the Eiffel Tower! It was truly a dream come true.

On Sunday morning, we woke up super tired. I thought about just throwing my hair up in a messy bun but John insisted that we were going to a fancy brunch (lie #50 by this point) and there were great photo opportunities. Our Uber drops us off at a place I didn’t recognize, Trocadero, and we walk out to this beautiful marble plaza. John says he wants to get a perfect picture of the Eiffel Tower before the plaza gets busy. As he’s setting up the Gopro tripod (I still don’t know he’s about to propose) I just take in the beautiful site.

My favorite part of vacations is when you just take a moment, breathe deep, smile to yourself, and take in how lucky you are to be able to experience this beautiful place. As I did this, I turned around to look at the person who has been my biggest support system, confidant of all my secrets, and best friend over the past two and half years. As I do, I see a big box in his pocket (here’s where it hits me) and I’m pretty sure I just black out at that moment. I don’t remember much of what John said but at the end he said “we’ve always talked about how much we want to see the world, but I see my whole world in you”. Then he’s down on one knee, I’m freaking out, but there’s not a doubt in my mind that this is everything I have ever dreamed of. Neither of us are sure if I even said yes still but I just say it was implied because I awkwardly bent over to kiss him because I was so excited!

Then, he has one more surprise, a photographer was just hiding and taking our picture the whole time and now we have a 3 hour engagement photo shoot! And let me tell you, he outdid himself with this photographer- she’s the BEST.

Check out some of our unseen engagement photos below:


Photo Credit: Gloria Villa


Photo Credit: Gloria Villa

Of course John got us a custom made lock for the bridge!


Photo Credit: Gloria Villa

The remainder of our trip was filled with telling friends and family we were in Paris & engaged! We hadn’t told anybody about Paris so it made for lots of surprises. It was the most fun I ever had sitting under an umbrella in front of the Eiffel Tower and sharing our great news.

Overall, it was the perfect trip and it just solidified the fact that John is the perfect person for me. He planned all of this because he knew how much travel means to me. He saved, and planned, and lied (lol) for so long to hide this secret and pull off the greatest surprise of my life. Every time I think of our trip, I can’t help but smile and laugh that he pulled that off- I truly am the luckiest person on the planet.

I want to thank everyone who supported us and gave their well wishes on our personal social media, How He Asked, and The Knot. Stay tuned for a post about everything we did to squeeze in the best of Paris in 48 hours!

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