Get Organized in Style for 2017

2016 was a crazy year for me between getting engaged, trips to Paris, Philippines and Amsterdam, starting a new job, and a remodel on my house! I made it through all of the bustle by staying organized and keeping track of all my plans. Here are my favorite products for staying organized in style and some tips along the way!


  1. Post-its are my life! I have post-its screen-shot-2016-12-18-at-6-00-22-pmeverywhere to remind me of important things. The best place for me to put them to remember something important is square in the middle of the mirror I use every morning when brushing my teeth! I live for lists whether it’s groceries, to do, packing, or just random things I need to get done and having post-its on hand allow me to quickly jot down all my lists I come up with. If you’re more of a computer person, I know Mac has sticky notes for your desktop that I also love to use! But how adorable is this post-it holder ->


2. For my wedding I made my own binder by going to Target and picking something up that
screen-shot-2016-12-18-at-6-03-16-pmwas cute and customizing it myself. I added folders, tabs, and cutouts from magazines for inspiration. I definitely suggest making a binder if you want to stay focused and organized during the planning process. If I were to start over I would definitely invest in a pre-made binder like this one. I absolutely love the pattern and it comes with an 18 month calendar, remade dividers and a checklist already made for you!


3. My planner is my best friend and it’s the only way I can keep track of events coming up and plan ahead. I use the same planner to schedule my upcoming blog ideas and when I want to have them published on (I need to work on sticking to this). When shopping for planners I noticed these can get really pricey (like $40+) which really isn’t necessary. Check out this full 8 1/2 by 11 planner that I have from Target and is only $9.99. It’s beautiful and has both the monthly and weekly breakdown so I can add more details!  This one is 2016/2017 but goes until September 2017! The beginning has a goals section to which I definitely suggest you fill out at the beginning of the year. My goals for 2017 so far are: finish planning my dream wedding, enroll in an MBA program, and see as many new places as I can!

4. My accordion folder is where I keep pretty much any documents I will ever need again. It screen-shot-2016-12-18-at-6-23-28-pmhas about 10 different tabs and my categories I need are: small purchase receipts (clear this out every month), big purchase receipts (I hold on to these until the warranty runs out usually), travel documents, insurance, bank/pay statements,  credit card information, work documents, and miscellaneous AKA anything that looks important and I may need in the future for some reason. I’m saving some empty space considering I don’t own a house yet and adulting will probably lead me to need a lot more file accordion folders. Anyway, I love these because it is all in one place and whenever I am looking for something important, this is the first place I look.

5. File Folders. I don’t have too many of these yet because I am slowing making my transition into being an adult and I still hang onscreen-shot-2016-12-18-at-6-25-25-pm to my accordion folder for everything. However, these file folders are adorable! Who says organization can’t be stylish and reflect your personality?




6. While I am at it with the filing folders, I would need a place to store them and it’ll be a rose-gold
few years until a need a huge cabinet. Until then, this U Brand Rose Goldtone Hanging File Basket is so stylish and will keep all of my files together.






7. I’m all about planning my outfits for the week on Sunday so that I don’t have to waste my time in the morning. Investing in hanging canvas shelvesscreen-shot-2016-12-18-at-6-29-27-pm is great for planning ahead and staying organized for what you wear all week. On the weekend when you are finishing up laundry, instead of putting ll your clothes away, put clothes out for everyday of the week and use hanging shelves!





8. Hanging wall calendar- Although I have my planner that has all the details, sometimes I screen-shot-2016-12-18-at-6-46-53-pmneed a good wall calendar just to peak at in the morning so I don’t forget any big events or just so I know what day it is – lol! Check out this calendar that you can color & it’s 50% off right now for 2017! Coloring really is a great way to relieve stress so this calendar is perfect for taking the time at the beginning of the month to collect yourself and organize what important events you have coming up!



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