Nine Things I Can’t Travel Without


Traveling is one of my favorite things to do but I always end up feeling like I forgot something the second that I get to the airport. In most cases, I did, whether it’s just my headphones or extra Q-Tips something always gets left at home. However, there are (at least) 9 things I absolutely cannot get on a plane without and are always the first thing on my packing list.


A Watch

When I am on vacation I like to unplug a little. Obviously, I am posting to social media and snap chatting a good amount but I try to do that in my down time at night when I am getting ready for bed. During the day while I’m in the middle of adventuring, my iPhone and social media are the last thing on my mind. To me, that’s how it should be, so that we can experience the opportunities in front of us and not be so worried about how many likes are on our latest Instagram. That’s why I always make sure I bring along a good watch so that I don’t have to pull out my phone all the time to keep on schedule. I recently received a JORD watch which is a luxury, handcrafted timepiece brand I just recently found out about. This little beauty will now accompany me on all trips because, let’s face it, it looks so nice and will definitely go with anything I end up pulling together from my suitcase. I love that it is made of wood because it looks so natural and is super light weight so it won’t make me sweat if I am somewhere warm! The one I got was the Frankie Dark Sandalwood and Smoke and you can even personalize it to make it your own with engraving. I chose this one because I LOVE the rose gold tones in the face and it is great for everyday wear. My other favorite part about this brand is that every watch comes in this beautiful box and even comes with a cleaning pen so you can keep your watch looking beautiful!                                                                                                                                  I’m in love with my JORD watch & you can have one too by entering the giveaway I am currently working with them on! One person will win a $100 gift card to their site and if you enter the giveaway, you are guaranteed to get a $25 gift card that you can use on any watch of your choice! It’s super easy to enter (they just need your name and email) and then you’re in the running!  The last day to enter my giveaway is 2/26/17 and you have to use your gift card by 4/30. Enter here!

Wooden Wristwatch

Makeup Essentials

I’ll be the first to admit that makeup is not a high priority for me and I’ve been doing the same routine since 2006. Kind of strange since I work for a cosmetics company, but anyway, I still can’t travel without a few essentials to make me look alive and ready for the day. My go-to products that I need for a vacation are:

Mascara- I use YSL Shocker mascara because it gives a lot of length and volume without getting too clumpy. Also, I can skip the eyeliner because it makes my lashes very dark and thick 🙂

Concealer with SPF- On vacation especially, I need ALL the SPF I can get. Bringing along a concealer that has SPF already in it makes it easy for me to protect my face and look good at the same time. The one I currently use is Clinique Continuous Coverage with SPF 15. It

Eye brow pencil – I’m sure some people can but I can’t live without filling in my eyebrows. Since I’m a blonde it looks like I don’t have any when I don’t so I need to bring it with me wherever I go. I use the Estee Lauder Automatic Brow Pencil duo in Soft Brown.

screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-8-07-17-pmFacewash/ Moisturizer

For me, I can’t go to bed without washing my face or else I will really regret it the next day. I can’t travel without a good face wash and moisturizer as well as some face wipes for a quick change. One thing I noticed is I get into routines at home with things like washing my face and if I weren’t to bring this with me on a vacation it would probably take me 6 more months to get back into that routine after vacation. My go-to face wash is Origins A Perfect World Antioxidant Cleanser with White Tea. I seriously recommend this if you are looking for a natural face cleanser that won’t dry out your face (no one wants a dry face on vacation). But it’s also always important to moisturize too! One thing I learned, always make sure to moisturize within 30 seconds of being in the shower because that is when your pores are still open and the moisturizer will actually absorb into your skin. I personally use the Origins GinZing moisturizer because the citrus smell always puts me in a good mood (who knew that a good smelling moisturizer could do that!)


I’m not sure why you wouldn’t use a backpack when traveling. First of all, if it’s the right size it passes as a “personal item” but holds SO MUCH more than a purse. Also, they are so convenient to carry and usually have plenty of storage to go around. My backpack that accompanies me on every trip is my Under Armour Ruckus Backpack. I’m in love with it because it has the flap over the zipper so I feel more secure carrying it on my back and the storage honestly feels endless. I always end up stuffing it to the top and then still stuffing more on top. It really surprises me every time with what I can fit into that thing. Unfortunately, this model is currently sold out but I found two kind of close ones here and here!

First Aid Kit

I can’t even stress enough how many times I’ve needed a first aid kit on vacation and didn’t have one. After my last big trip where I got sunburn on my entire body, fell and busted my butt on a limestone rock, and John got bit by a fish I learned my lesson. Now, I bring a big plastic bag complete with: aspirin, bandaids (lots of them, all different sizes, waterproof), sunscreen & aloe, Neosporin, an ace bandage, moist towelettes, and the list just continues to grow. I feel like parents usually think of this but some of us that don’t have that responsibility yet think we are unstoppable. I know myself and I know that I get hurt ALL THE TIME so a first aid kit is a necessity. Another tip, blisters are a huge problem with a lot of my trips and I found these really cool bandaids that you put over the blister and it grows a little cushion over the wound so that it doesn’t hurt. I used these on a really bad blister once and after putting it on I couldn’t even feel a thing so they are a staple for any trip from now on.


I feel like this is self explanatory. Yes, they’re annoying to carry. Yes, they take up some space. But honestly, I can’t sleep on a plane with their paper-thin blankets and a good night sleep is more important to me than a little extra space in my luggage. I have a go-to one that is super snuggly but not too thick and I always carry it separate in the airport and no one has ever yelled at me for bringing it on a plane separate. I know I should definitely invest in a more efficient travel blanket, such as the Kachula, and I will get around to it eventually. I bring up the Kachula because it folds up into a travel pillow, has a detachable hood so you can wear it as a poncho, is waterproof, and looks pretty comfy to sleep with- sounds like a winner to me.

A Good Book

This can be anything that interests you but no doubt every vacation has down time or traveling time that you need something to keep busy. Books are my favorite pastime for traveling because they don’t take up too much space and give me something to focus on when I am on a long plane ride, layover, or relaxing on the beach. I’ve already read two books this year that were both very good (very different though). They were Good As Gone by Amy Gentry and The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead. Need other inspiration for a good book to bring on your next trip, check out my must-reads for 2017 here!

Vitamin C

This kind of goes along with the first aid kit but Vitamin C (and Emergen-C) are very important for me on my travels. Since you are coming into contact with so many different people, are stuck on a flying box with recycled air for hours, and usually pushing your body a little harder than usual it’s good to cover your bases and bring Vitamin C with you. It never fails that I get sick on my way home from vacation but since we are planning to do more 3/4 day weekend trips this year, Vitamin C is going to be a lifesaver so that I can make it back to work on Monday without a cold.

Travel Insurance

This is something I NEVER used to buy because I thought, “nothing is going to happen, I am going on this trip no matter what”. But things do happen, and I would hate to lose the money I put into a trip without getting to experience it. Also, being covered especially when you are oversees is a must for me. I have no idea how health insurance works (since I am still on my parents and all) but I know having additional coverage is important for traveling.


Parts of this post were sponsored by an affiliate brand but all opinions are my own.

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