Soaring Above NYC with FlyNYON

Whew- it’s been a while since I wrote a blog but it’s really nice to get back to writing. I’ll be honest, my life has been a whirlwind lately between being a little stressed at work, my dad having some health issues, and just general exhaustion it was hard to fit in any adventures let alone the time to write about them. But I’m back!


So it’s been a year since John and I got engaged and although we don’t tend to do gifts, I decided to surprise John with a little experience I knew he had been dying to try. He mentioned a few months back doing a helicopter ride with the doors off so you can stick your legs out the side. I knew that would be the perfect gift to celebrate the anniversary of getting engaged and I quickly turned to google to find the best company to do it within the area ( I was looking for either Philadelphia or NYC). FlyNYON came up and it was an easy choice to make. Their website has a ton of information, their reviews proved that it was worth the price and everyone loved their experience, and they even had discounts! Everyone who signs up for their newsletter gets 10% off and we ended up booking with a promo code they emailed out for buy one get one half off!


They even let you buy now and book the date later. So we took advantage of the awesome price and decided we wanted to do the NYC Experience which is 15 minutes with the doors off. Starting at $219 a person, it’s pretty pricey but the reviews and blogs I read convinced me that it was totally worth it. I’m a sucker for a good discount and I jumped at the deal. We chose the book later option because I wanted to make sure we picked a day with beautiful weather.



So we decided on May 21st at 1pm for our flight. The FlyNYON hangar was pretty easy to get to off of the NJ Turnpike but make sure you follow the directions from the website so you know where to go after entering in the gate. Click here for the NYC FAQ! Once there, they lead you into a tent where you wait for the rest of your party to arrive. Please note: You’re supposed to be there 45 minutes early. Please don’t be that person that shows up 10 min before you’re supposed to take off. You have to go through a safety video and get all harnessed up so if you make everyone wait it’s super annoying. The rest of our party ended up showing up about 10 minutes before we were set to go up. It was stressful for the crew and I honestly felt bad for them because they said this happens all the time so don’t be that person!


Once they got to the hangar finally the rest was smooth sailing. We took a golf cart out to our helicopter and they even let us pick our seats. There are 5 seats for passengers, one front seat, two backseats, and then the two people that have to unhook their seatbelt and sit on the floor (which they call the adventure seat). For our trip John and I sat in the back and he sat in the “adventure seat”. Pretty quickly once we got into the air, the pilot told us we were allowed to stick our feet out. It really took me by surprise how strong the wind was. I definitely can see why you  absolutely need to wear shoes that tie tightly or something that completely straps to your foot. My shoes were tied but I was still super nervous that my shoes might fall off. Also, they suggest wearing you hair up if you are a girl and I can’t even stress that enough. The one woman who came with us had hair all the way down to her butt and decided not to put it up and it was seriously everywhere. I wore mine in a pony tail and it was whipping me in the face the whole time. If I could go back in time I would have done a low bun or tight braids so nothing was hurting me.


As for the experience itself, it was absolutely awesome. Every staff member we came in contact with was super cool, willing to answer any questions, and even photographers themselves. I felt like everything was very professional and felt very safe the whole time.  Before going up they asked if there was anything particular we wanted to see and we said all of the basics pretty much. We got to see the Statue of Liberty, Freedom Tower, Brooklyn Bridge, and the most popular shot of the edge of Manhattan. It was enough time to get to see everything and get lots of photos but I do think the 30 minute flight would be better if you’re looking for the full experience.


I’m so glad we came across this company (they also operate in a few other US cities) and that we were able to have this awesome experience. New York City ,despite being pretty close to where we live, is a place I haven’t explored too much but it was really awesome to experience it from above. I definitely suggest this experience for anyone whether you’re a photographer or just looking for a thrill. So what are you waiting for? Book with FlyNYON in one of their awesome cities now 🙂


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