About Em


Welcome to my blog! My name is Emily and I’m a Jersey girl who loves nothing more than seeing the world. I started this blog to talk about traveling, my fitness journey, and everything else in between. Whether it’s the book I’m reading, wedding planning ideas, or a workout that’s really working for me, I’ll share it all here. A little about me: I’m almost 24, I got engaged earlier this year to my perfect match, I will spend every last dollar I have on vacation, and I love bad TV (think: Real Housewives, Bachelor franchise). I’m pretty much afraid of everything but the best memories I have started with a healthy dose of fear and it never holds me back. I care a lot about sustainability & the environment so I’ll probably continue to annoy everyone about recycling forever. Thanks for reading!

Questions? Email me at Emily(at)up-and-at-em(dot)com