Christmas Village & Shopping in Philadelphia!

Most people know I live very close to Philadelphia (and used to work in Center City) so on my day off I decided to do some wandering closer to home. I had a chance to catch up with some old coworkers and work on my photography skills (which are on the very beginner level). Christmas … Continue reading Christmas Village & Shopping in Philadelphia!

Get Organized in Style for 2017

2016 was a crazy year for me between getting engaged, trips to Paris, Philippines and Amsterdam, starting a new job, and a remodel on my house! I made it through all of the bustle by staying organized and keeping track of all my plans. Here are my favorite products for staying organized in style and some … Continue reading Get Organized in Style for 2017

Gifts that Give Back to Add to Your Christmas List!

One thing to know about me is I absolutely love companies that give back to a cause they are passionate about. I personally am a big fan of sustainability & environmental efforts but I am a sucker for almost all charities. Since the holiday season is coming up, I figured I round up some of … Continue reading Gifts that Give Back to Add to Your Christmas List!